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  • Blender and MODO Addendum: Knife vs. Slice

    Since I only touched on the most basic functionality of Blender’s Knife tool in my last video I want to append an addendum showing its other features and how they compare in particular to MODO’s Slice tool – which is separate from the Edge Slice tool with the buggy “Multi-Slice” option I demonstrated in video…

  • Blender and MODO Quick Take: Knife vs. Multi-Slice

    Now so far for the most part MODO and Blender have come out roughly even for me. On some things, MODO had the slight edge, on others Blender had the slight edge. But I just encountered a tool where Blender’s implementation absolutely blows MODO’s out of the water – and that is Blender’s excellent Knife…

  • Blender and MODO Quick Take: Planes and Ortho Views

    Here’s just a super quick take on plane creation and orthographic views in Blender and MODO and where I think both of them could improve efficiency and user experience. The Foundry forum thread BlenderArtists forum thread

  • Blender, Maya & MODO: Selection Confusion

    Before I address any feedback I received on the first video, here’s a quick follow-up where I talk about some component selection-related confusion I came across right after recording the first video. 🙂 I’m trying hard to keep each of these videos to a digestible length. Now in response to this video someone commented: about…

  • Blender and MODO: Comparing the Basics

    Having worked mostly in C4D, Maya and my current main and favourite 3D application MODO, I decided to learn the increasingly promising looking Blender.