Blender, Maya & MODO: Context-Sensitive Behaviour

In this video I talk about the concept of context-sensitive behaviour and how I personally find it highly beneficial as a UX design concept for facilitating a fluent and intuitive artist workflow. MODO, Maya and Blender have their different approaches and degrees of implementation of this principle but Blender’s modelling tools are where I found […]

Blender, Maya and MODO: Selection Confusion

Before I address any feedback I received on the first video, here’s a quick follow-up where I talk about some component selection-related confusion I came across right after recording the first video. 🙂 I’m trying hard to keep each of these videos to a digestible length. Now in response to this video someone commented: about […]

MODO Feature Request: Integrate Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup plugin

After I mentioned Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup Search Fields plugin in my previous tutorial and everyone who used it agreed that its functionality should come with MODO by default I decided to record a separate Feature Request video for it. If you’d like to see this integrated into MODO please voice your request in this […]