MODO Feature Request: Integrate Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup plugin

After I mentioned Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup Search Fields plugin in my previous tutorial and everyone who used it agreed that its functionality should come with MODO by default I decided to record a separate Feature Request video for it.

If you’d like to see this integrated into MODO please voice your request in this forum thread and don’t forget to also send in a direct Feature Request with The Foundry’s form.

Variable FK rig

After wrecking my brain for a couple of days trying to replicate Jeff Brodsky’s Variable FK trunk rig and failing miserably, I now finally managed to pull it off.

Since I intend to use it for a spine I only added a single control but now that I have it assembled like this, adding additional controls is trivial.

Thank you also to Sergio Mucino for his walkthrough on how he set up his version of it in MODO. Good stuff! 🙂

How to create a squash and stretch ball rig in MODO

Here’s my first tutorial ever, going into how to create a bouncing ball rig with squash and stretch in MODO. Any questions, comments and feedback are more than welcome! Enjoy. 🙂