MODO Feature Request: Integrate Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup plugin

After I mentioned Tim Crowson’s MODO Popup Search Fields plugin in my previous tutorial and everyone who used it agreed that its functionality should come with MODO by default I decided to record a separate Feature Request video for it. If you’d like to see this integrated into MODO please voice your request in this […]

Non-spherical eye rig test

Here’s a quick demo of how to create a rig for a nonspherical eye rig in MODO after somebody asked how to do it on The Foundry’s forums. I may record a quick tutorial later on how to set something like this up.

How to create a squash and stretch ball rig in MODO

Here’s my first tutorial ever, going into how to create a bouncing ball rig with squash and stretch in MODO. Any questions, comments and feedback are more than welcome! Enjoy. 🙂 Forum thread “Can someone teach me how to Rig this?” Tim Crowson’s forum thread “Popup Search Fields (PySide)” Tim Crowson’s script website

MODO Channel Handles

Channel Handles in MODO allow for very intuitive and animator-friendly controls. I set up these finger curl controls so that you merely have to click and drag the arrow controls to curl the fingers. No numbers or angles or rotation axes to consider. Quick and simple controls. 🙂